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Deck Pad for YETI GoBox 30

Deck Pad for YETI GoBox 30 - Tideline3D

Deck Pad for YETI GoBox 30

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    Our deck pads are made of high quality EVA foam that is easy to clean and UV resistant.   They're installed with a peel and stick backing that will hold up to plenty of abuse without peeling up. 

    Which size should I buy?  

    • The Gen 1 size will fit any GoBox and is slightly narrower on the long side than the Gen 2.    If you're unsure, the Gen 1 size is the safest choice.

    How do I know if I have a Gen 1 or Gen 2? 

    • The Gen 1 indention on the top lid is roughly 14.5" wide while the Gen 2 is about 15.5" wide.   The only difference between our two sizes is the width dimension.